Tuesday, January 17, 2006

6/16/05 to 1/17/06
Rest in peace, sweet Herschel.
Today Herschel, our faithful cubicle gnome, died. He was six months old. Herschel was decapated by management while standing guard at his cubicle farm. In his brief time with us, Herschel brought a light and joyous feel to the workplace. He would cheerfully greet us with this mischeivious smirk and would lend a helpful ear when you were troubled. Herschel is survived by his cubicle friends Henry the Hedgehog, Simon the Copywriting Pony, Hula the Gnome, and his pet cow. Donations can be sent to the Herschel Memorial Fund, care of Gnomes Against Management Abuse (GAMA) Foundation. Words of condolence can be left in the comments below.